Professional Tutor

Parveen Madher

After graduating from my science degrees I decided to work as a Toxicologist. I thoroughly enjoyed science, however working as a laboratory scientist was not very rewarding for me. I decided to start tutoring maths and science and it very quickly became my main profession.  

I have been tutoring since 2013 for some of the top tutoring agencies in London. Many of the students I have worked with have attended some of the most academically rigorous schools in London such as Westminster, St Pauls, City of London School and Eton. I have also prepared many students for scholarship entrance examinations at these schools as well as 13+ entrance examinations and GCSE/IGCSE examinations .

I am a British professional tutor. My tutoring experiences have not been limited to London. I have also worked as an international tutor both on long term homeschooling placements for high profile families in Saudi Arabia, to teaching short term placements in Bali and The Cayman Islands. I have a reputation for being able to transform students grades in a short period of time.

My approach to tutoring is very intuitive and tailored to the individual. I encourage students to think outside of the box and really help them work through whatever is blocking them from succeeding on multiple levels. I believe my success rate with students is largely attributed to helping my students enjoy learning and deeply connecting with the student.

My driving force in life is making a difference.


Parveen Madher

Over the course of a few sessions, as my son worked his way through past papers with Parveen, we saw great improvement in the quality of his answers. This resulted in an excellent performance in the Kings Scholarship science exams.

Parveen Madher

My daughter passed all her subjects and is ready to transition to a new school year in a different school with confidence and optimism. She understands that learning can be joyous.